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The author of the "Solo" reached number 2 on the Italy charts. Facebook: timeline Twitter: The video ends with footage of them both kissing in black and white then cutting back to the present with Eamon walking along a pathway and his girlfriend follows him.

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The author of the "Solo" reached number 2 on the Italy charts. You Don't Want to Fuck With Me Lyrics: Yo, when I say you don't want to fuck with me / I'm not talking to you girl (and woman) / Yo, cause y'all want to fuck y'all. Views Read Edit View history.

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Retrieved April 13, If You Want To Fuck With me. Original Mix Let Me See Your Hands (The Body Snatchers Crank Dat mix) featuring Aquasky Original Mix ยท Aquasky, Ragga. Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Yeah uncle l, blast these bitch ass motherfuckers Yeah, yeah Pour your dom on the floor, try to flow with me Duke 'em raw with them whores, hide ya hoes from me whooo Your momma wanna chase, I'm just statin' the fact L.

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Retrieved July 7, Yo, when I say you don't want to fuck with me. I'm not talking to you girl and woman. Yo, 'cause y'all want to fuck, y'all want to fuck me. I stay away from danger. Look, nigga i, regulate, bake the cake Shake the fake, while keepin my faith uh-huh Demonstatin' from the funk shit to the h I bring the bread to the meat, so put the funk on the plate You weedin' at my table, did you say your grace?

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Languages Italiano Nederlands Svenska Edit links. Lyrics to 'You Don't Wanna Fuck With Me' by H.A.W.K: (feat. Godfather) / [talking] / Willow, give me some of that head banger shit man / Boys ain't ready for this. A teardrop comes out of her left eye and drops into a puddle below, causing ripples to appear.

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He pussy. you ain't gotta say too much from the look in your eyes i can tell you wanna fuck ( Mercedes) and you ain't gotta call me a boo just as bad as you wanna fuck. The Sliced Pan.

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Ultratop in Dutch. Lyrics to 'U Can't Fuck With Me' by Xzibit. Yeah / (uncle l Your momma wanna chase, I'm just statin' the fact L.a. think about your broad all I want is the stacks. Thought 'cha girl ain't feelin me Why she grillin' me, black?

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Hung Medien.

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The video cuts back to Bari's Pizza showing the girl continuing to cry, as Eamon gets angry, throws the pizza on the ground and then gets up and walks away on a path and the girl gets up. Fuck It is the debut single by American singer-songwriter/harmonicist Eamon. It was co-written But I really didn't expect all this to come out of it, they are having fun with it, it's cool but in the end they are paying me for their 15 minutes of fame.

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Eamon stands with his back to the Brooklyn Bridgesinging. I want to have intercourse with you. Intercourse with "Fuck is what I want to do with you." "Would you like to enjoy an act of coitus with me?". During the success of both songs in the United Kingdom, BBC Radio 1 host Chris Moyles was heavily critical of them, going as far as to record and broadcast his own spoof version; "We Want You to Leave", claiming that both singles were the product of what amounted to nothing more than a cynical marketing ploy by Eamon and Frankee's record labels.